Saturday, August 09, 2008

Black Out!

TheStar reported a state wide black out happened in Sarawak. I guess it is a very big incident.

Sabah experience at least twice a week black out average 4 hours. A state wide black out not a big deal for sabahan, even a computer user that depend electricity to surf the internet. If any frequent black out happen, my two power backup batteries with one plug in to the computer and one to the modem. I do this setting so that i can save all my work and not disconnected from internet while chatting.

Plugging in a power backup also important to computer user because the unstable current flow and frequent blackout can harm the computer. The unstable current flow in sabah due to the overcapacity can also harm any electrical appliances and it will not long lasting.

I don't know why it is so hard for the government and electrical company to give a good services to a business that theoretically essential to the people everywhere. The reason that always given was insufficient fund to repair and maintain the electrical facilities. Where was the money gone? I think most of us knew it but we tend to look away.


Aj said...

In sarawak the incident happened because the DBKU/DBKS testing the neon lights for Merdeka month celebration. So, they ask the Sesco (Sarawak Electricity company) to switch it off and turn it on. Twice i think. How do i know? The manager of Sesco is in-law of my girlfriend there. heheheh

Jefferi said...

if that true, sad to know that. :(

Aj said...

yeah it is.

Haizum said...

Geez, I remember what it was like to think "I wonder how long the black out will be today?" EVERYDAY. What a bummer.

Jefferi said...

yalor, you live in sandakan rite. pitty you la..


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