Monday, July 28, 2008

Can't Ping at PPS

I tried many times to ping my previous post at PPS but failed. I don't really know what really happen. The most possible reason is my blog address was banned due to the unknown reason.

Now, i will try to ping another new post to make sure if my blog address was banned or not. If you all can see this link at PPS, it maybe a technical fault at the server. Thou i doubt it because i saw lots of post pinged without problem.

The post i can't ping is HERE

If i sitll cannot ping in the PPS, i guess i will use another alternative to promote my blog but it will not be as good as PPS can offer at the moment. For your information, i already sent an email to the admin and still waiting for the respond.

Update!: I can ping my link. I wonder why i can't ping my last post.


lynnx01 said...

Ping? PPS? I don't understand. Jargons.. hehe

Aj said...

Jeff, maybe the server is lag. Sometimes it can be timed-out. It happens because of the bandwidth-traffic or the server being ddos by some hacker. But no need to worry blogspot belongs to google and it installed anti-ddos or packet software. So the response we can get on timed-out but the web will not down!

Jefferi said...

i find out there is nothing wrong with the connection. just my pc was infected with a melware code that tried to adapt the internet browser.

so, i reformat my pc and install a new antivirus. everything back tu business. thou i don't know why that certain post can't be link. maybe PPS got some keyword banned to link. i don't know but certainly its reason to get rid the spam that going on for quite a long time.

Aj said...

have u try kis (kapersky internet security)? it's below rm100 and we all can get it from mimos.

Jefferi said...

i installed avast scanner. it do the job well. kapersky is a bit heavy to my computer.

Aj said...

it's only the RAM need the upgrade. Becoz it's involving the Process. I've been in that situation before

Jefferi said...

actually i need a computer upgrade. my computer ram is full blast alr. pentium 4 ba.. hehe. still can use ba.. ;)

Aj said...

haha... nowadays we can get pc in a very cheap price.. have you go to PIKOM last week?? Dude, i saw you notice above ur blog. Which blog were receive a "very nice" from "you"? can u share it???

Jefferi said...

yup, now the computer is cheap. thou i got a high specification computer that cost more. thou my one still can use. about the notice, i better not comment about it.

Aj said...

ok nvm. by the way, do you still remember me? we met at sony ericsson center in CP last year if i'm not mistaken. The guy who ask you about Hasselblad (correct me if i'm wrong) equipment. You talking about a t-shirt.. if i ask you to make a custom designs t-shirt, how much is it?hehe and the girl working in the services centre, what is her blog address?

Jefferi said...

ahh... ok. i remembered mentioning about that expensive expensive camera. i recomended that we arrange to chat at msn about the business you mention. please add my msn messenger at or yahoo at fyi, i didn't do any printing custom t shirt unless you want me to design the graphic.

Archie Chi said...

hehehe... if you planning to get page rank.. you should buy ur own hosting and domain :P

Aj said...

it's one of the method but sometimes even or .tk website receive more hits than normal .com .org and all paid url.


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