Monday, August 25, 2008

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

I'm not doing anything lately. I'm supposed to do convocation portrait for a studio but because of the miss communication, my job was given to someone else. I don't really mind with that because the pay was too low compared to the duration of work. I hope to get some extra wedding work at this end of the year but unfortunately, people set to choose for a cheaper price that i find it hard to accept.

So, what i has been doing this recently? I'm downloading Star Trek Deep Space Nine and watching it episode by episode. I watched almost all the Star Trek Series excluded The Original Series and The Animated Series. I really like to watch the Star Trek not because of the space ships and costume, but the story telling and the idea that exist in this Star Trek world.

Star Trek really is a good tv series to watch if only if one interested with science, politics, philosophy and art. It is not a real science by right, but a fictional imagination of what really future supposed to be for us. It is very hard to explain in few short sentences but i believe star trek has influences our technology development that i saw in the series. The most important thing is the Personal Access Display Device and was well known as a mobile computer or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

Star Trek series world gave a very interesting political idea that mirror out our reality world. I had to admit it is quite idealistic rather than realistic by nature but it gave insight of our very complicated political and social culture. Human species represented as a life that evolved from a selfless thinking people to general benefited race that become one of the high race in the universe. It looks a bit hard to believe of this fictional idea but it is possible when we think about it. Maybe was not in my life but another few more. The significant thing that always make me realize and historically proven is, human only learn by mistake they done. It means, we need to do some great mistake to make the world more better living.

It would be so long to elaborate about this series. Please look at the link in the paragraph for further information about this series.


Aj said...

if you say star trek ds9 it's reminds me of Dalnet IRC network. The first room being register there is #ds9 and still exist until now with no user inside.. hehehe.. Star Trek had revolutionized the technology. Like cellphone.. the impact still there.. dude.. sorry to it UMS who hire you, if them you demand for more. It sux when working with someone who don't how to appreciate arts..

Jefferi said...

no, it is not UMS who hire me but the studio for family portrait. i find it a bit boring to take those kind of family portrait although it a simple job. wedding slowly turning to a very dull job when lots of new photographer and part timer started to gave out cheaper price for their services. i don't mind reasonable price, but competition price that make it is impossible to accept is bad.

yeah.. i believe handphone also came out from star trek. sci fiction such as star trek, star wars, battlestar galactica really gave out inspiration for lots of new technology to come out. today, it seem so hard to find a movie or series that can match those sci fiction series.

Aj said...

don't forget buck rogers.. bidi bidi bidi


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