Friday, February 29, 2008

Internet and its influences to Malaysia's politics stage

I wrote a post two years ago in 2005 on two malaysian opposition politician utilizing the mass internet media to reach out to the blogger community. The two prominent politicians are YB Lim and YB Teresa. Jeff Ooi at that time, the most controversial blogger in the internet are making his mark as an independent journalist who got the balls to write against the government openly. Many thought that he won't last long and would be thrown in to ISA to be humiliated and brain wash. Now, he is still alive and kicking with the new prospect as a DAP representative to contest in Jelutong parliament seat.

My previous post is mainly about the DAP YB's new blog and this significant news knowing that they do realized the importance of blogging as a future road in media information. I would like to quote the last paragraph of my previous post.

Can blog writers make changes on the real political area and make bloglitical as a word politically and get its wide acceptance from general community in Malaysia? Jeff Ooi seems to be a major favorite for me, and might be we can see some others as well. So what do you think?

I did not get any respond on my comment box. Now, two years after the post, Jeff Ooi standing contesting for a Parliament seat. It doesn't make me surprise when he announced of his candidacy after few speculation if he decided to contest or not and which party he will be representing. This election will prove weather a blogger can make any different in a real world political platform rather than barking behind the internet curtain.

I also did a similar post about blogger in political platform and spit out two names of possible first blogger MP. Even thou this post not really fully about politic issue and more on a silly incident that happen, i did speculate about the chances of blogger in political scene. Blog really change a lots compared to few years ago. The ignorance and alter ego among conservative politicians towards blogger vanished after they realized that internet with blog really can make a difference.

The presidential candidates for 2008 America general election has utilized the internet to reach out to a constant and rapid growth of internet community. I read a news article on edison chen's scandalous photo in which highlighted a new word. "Netizen" is defined in wikipedia as i quote,

A Netizen (a portmanteau of Internet and citizen) or cybercitizen is a person actively involved in online communities

Youtube was utilized fully by the presidential candidate as an important media asset to their campaign. CNN and Youtube successfully collaborate to organized a Democrat and Republican debate and give the chances for anyone of us all around the world no matter one is citizen or not an opportunity to express a question to the candidates. This is a great big step right after Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon to the advancement of our civilization. The future is looking better and brighter.

Internet really changes the mind of many and it still does. The significant to Malaysia’s political stage is the first blogger MP if he wins the contest. This will definitely give us an assurance of free speech through internet for another 5 years.

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