Monday, February 25, 2008

Ravejoint: A place where you really can find a place to eat

I saw lots of blog about food growing more and more in Malaysia blogosphere. The most famous one i think is kyspeak. I believe that he is the most reliable and trusted food critics’ blogger in malaysia. I always see people who in food blog wrote a general description on what they eat. Basically, if this particular dish delicious or not or cheap or expensive and then the end. Another problem is that they way they direct people the location of the shop. Let me show you how kyspeak draw a map.

It is a very detailed and interesting map for a person with a mouse and paintbrush. This map was drawn with lots of pain talking steady hand and mouse navigation. That why most food blogger not putting any self made map on their food blog. I found out there is a local website that provided a very creative and advance way for most of the food blogger out there. It utilized the google map technology and the recent high quality photo mapping and road mapping around malaysia main town.

Map like this look more professional and neat. No more pains taking effort using that little mouse and hurting your eyes every time you do a food review. Let me quote some text from it’s about page.

Ravejoint is a place for people passionate about food to hang out and share their enthusiasm. We want to create a place where you can discover the best food and places to eat as well as share your experiences. For those who are food critics at heart can easily blog about your favourites and even recommend personal favorites to friends through your profile page.

Indeed, this website offers lots of practical and easy way for blogging food locally. I'm not sure if this website is the first for food blogging but it merely match the google map web based site where you can find almost anything but limited to specific places. Nevertheless, this website offers a specific application for blogging that is food.


KY said...

My maps come with entertainment factor, hee-hee.

Thanks for saying I'm "trusted" and "reliable" ya. :D

Jefferi said...

it would be nice if you give it a try on this site. it got lots of potential for the thing that you wrote. at least you can save some time drawing the map and more blogging about the food. haha.. that was a good detailed simple map there for a mouse drawn map. i think it is your blog trademark yeah.

yeah, i see that lots of people read your blog looking a good place to eat. so trusted and reliable. hope you eat and write more about food.

maslight said...

wuish promote XD


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