Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jeffery G. Kitingan, you dissapointed us sabahan very much


1. you settle for useless top post in PKR. by that meaning

2. you fight for self need first before the people rights

3. anwar sees your weakness open wide, knowing what you (personally) want

4. you praise the man who brought you down and look down on sabah people.

5. you're not sarawakian and not eligible to represent them.

6. you're same as the other ass politician in BN, "kow tow" to the UMNO ultralist.

in other related issue: Congrats to Anwar Ibrahim for resolving Sabah PKR Leadership Issue

1. nothing to be proud of when anwar gave the sort of bogus top post to jeffery kitingan

2. anwar legally has no rights to gave post to anyone as he holding no actual power and

3. anwar lead the PKR by his greatest puppet, his wife. (not a good example when sabahan hate puppet CM lead by UMNO

4. jeffery kitingan can't be the one as anwar can't never be the PM

5. PKR are more on like reality tv drama than true politics

6. anwar is still UMNO hardcore and i believe he will join back UMNO if he got a good bargain. (his excuse will be that he will fight for the people in a greater platform and we're sabahan turn out to be dumb ass again)

7. sabah and sarawak not 1 states and PKR should have one each vice president for each states.

8. jeffery kitingan know nothing about sarawak needs as anwar know nothing about sabah needs.


Aj said...

i think Jefferi Kitingan like a "lalang tiada pendirian"

Jefferi said...

it is time new fresh face to come up and change all these things..

Afif said...

I wonder then, why Sabahan kept BN in power every freaking election? They even call you fixed deposit? What's with that? Tell me.

Jefferi said...

afif, sabahan kept BN in power because the local party support them. majority people choose their representative within the party and not the people. in sabah case, the people choose to support the local party and the local party choose to support the BN. there was time when the local support the local party candidate that againts BN but was backstabbed by MP that jump party to the BN.

the truth, most sabahan still in political ignorance as they believe every thing that written in the news press and politician mouth. fact check is rare and most of us being mislead on the truth.

PR has chances to be ruling government in the last election. because of every sabahan politician on PKR and DAP side were greedy to win the election, we gave almost all of it to BN party. blame it on the local greedy politician i can say.

well, sabah really a fix deposit for those BN people because without sabah, there will not be twin tower, lrt, lebuh raya tol, mara and other stuff they enjoy in the peninsular especially the malay. sabah contribute major of the malaysia economic because of its oil revenue but has the less portion of the development in the development plan.

now, with the level of the game field, BN and PR has equal chances to be ruling government in the next election. it up to sabah and sarawak to choose which side they want. BN has the root influences but PR can give chances but to the certain extend that not really convincing.

it up to the people and the sabah leadership to use this opportunity to strive up and have a better deal in the federal ruling government.


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