Thursday, October 22, 2009

malaysia day holiday mean nothing to me, mr najib.


1. because it will not change the way how the central government rule the land.

2. money for economic and social development still flow to another way and some to someone private account at oversea.

3. UMNO and PKR malay still think they have the birth rights to rule the country (or become PM and YDP).

4. we still pissed off with what BN did during mahathir era especially the project IC and many more.

5. 1malaysia is the most lame and lazy political propaganda ever. just put 1 in front any nouns and it is done.

6. you still think sabahan are bunch of stupid illiterate people even if it is true.

7. no proper electrical and water supply when the largest electrical dam is around the corner.

8. peninsular malaya still get bigger portion of government fund even you multiply it 100 times fold.


Aj said...

Najib actually took 1Malaysia idea from One Israel campaign that being made during the israel elections in 1980's if it's not, maybe from 1Borneo lah..hahaha what a lame concept..

Jefferi said...

yup.. lame propaganda.. how can we let those lazy ass rule the government.. :(

CK said...

m intrigued by ur to the point observation in Pt.7.


Jefferi said...

ck: power station dam bakun where can act as a water reservoir too.. very near to sabah if i may say.. :P


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