Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brother Namewee got so pissed off with TNB

Brother Namewee strike his tantrums again and now with TNB. Why?

1. because power black out
2. for 3 time during one year after he came back
3. no one pick up the phone
4. TNB dudes do nothing and act stupid
5. he just so pissed off

I ponder what will he do if

1. black out at least once a week all over sabah
2. duration can extend until half day at east coast of sabah
3. blackout twice in one day (fuck up bad luck day)
4. power supply fluctuating that the power backup can break down almost every day
5. most powerful power station at nearby state (bakun sarawak)
6. sarawak rather supply power to peninsular malaya rather than sabah

I would like to invite brother namewee to experience the power black out that far more worst than in johor and give sabah SESB a lesson too if he dare. Thou would not recommend him to be too free style because the local is not so patient with bitched up dude.


Yo. said...

why can't we complain ourselves? why does namewee have to do it for us? we cannot wait for other people to take action for us la...

Jefferi said...

@yo; why?

1. because bro namewee got guts to do so. we even don't dare to complaint to them face to face. that why the power black problem become more worst.

2. namewee kinda a celebrities and many people listen to him for good or bad. one namewee can represent thousand of complaint reports that we log to SESB. at least SESB doesn't dare to ignore him.

3. because we complaint for many times minus the tantrums. we afraid even with SESB, how can we face other things like the government?

Zi Yang said...

agree.... hahaha..

and namewee kinda cute ^_^


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