Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sabah Horse Polo Club: The Horses

I has an opportunity to cover photo and video polo match recently last week (15 December 2007). This is quite different because most of my jobs are more on weddings and not worried too much about the task. This job is quite new to me because i needed to snap photo and doing a video shot together at the same time. Luckily i managed to hook up my friend to assist me on that day.

I didn't sleep on the night before the event because of my different sleep pattern and i needed to wake up early to travel to the horse track field in tuaran. I never knew there is a new horse track in Tuaran that never being used.

I will not write about the events in details, but only to show some horse and some others photos I took during that day. My first impression on the horse stable is old and under maintained. The horses look messy but my friend told me that before it is even worst. Taking care a horse stable is not an easy task because it is so complicated to do plus the expenses is high. That is why few people can own a horse even to play polo.

I brought two digital cameras and one video camera on that day. I felt that two digital cameras are necessary because of the limitation one lens can do. By having two cameras fitted with two different lenses, one can snap more variety of photos instantly without keep changing lenses during the work. I started with 50mm f1.8 lens to take some portrait of these horses. I sense their shyness towards me when i pointing the camera towards them.

Later, when they know what i am doing, they just continue with their routine. At least they are not running away for my camera as most did in my wedding jobs.

This horse basically getting used me snapping his photo. It looks like he trying hard to pose for my camera. Luckily he didn't bite my camera as i was pointing the lens so close to his nose and mouth.

A worker gave the horse a bath after the match.

The horse barn.

Another side of the barn.

I will post up photos of the polo match on my next post.


lynnx01 said...

Smelly or not the horses?

Jefferi said...

the horses are clean every day because it is a ride horse. so i don't think they're smelly, but the dump is quite smelly i has to say.


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