Saturday, December 08, 2007

Daily Express made an editorial mistake

I open today's (7 December 2007) daily news paper and read some news about the death of some important people's son. Yes, it is about the murder case of Datu Azlan. I realized there is some editorial mistake done on the picture taken there.

By the look over the photo above, one can see the English and Malay take out.

To make my point clearer, one can see that one of the accused photos was censored and one was not. One has to know that this paper printed and distributed at the same time and print.

Why the back Malay version photo is was censored while the front one was not?

Is this an amateur editorial mistake or just an intended action? I saw this mistake many times where one of the same photos of accused for crime was censored and one other was not. There are great inconsistencies between the English and Malay news department. Daily Express is hailed as independent news that wrote a balance report for Sabahan to read, but this amateur mistake will greatly brought down its professionalism and the quality of the news.


The Donna said...

Yeah.. my aunt and i had a laugh with the publication. Haha.. i'm still smiling with the thought of it.

Jefferi said...

yes.. lots of mistake done by the editorial department. this is one among many.


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