Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Photos: Sutera Harbour Carols By The Candle Light 2007

Josie wrote in her blog about the event in Sutera Harbor, the Carols by the Candle Light 2007. I went there at 6.30 after taking some photos in Asia City for HobbyCon Event. Lots of people arrived and park spot in Magellan Resort was full and i think it is best for me to park in Pan Pacific as suggested by Flanegan. Indeed it is a wise choice and lots of parking spot and unknown to most others i managed to find a shortcut pathway.

I arrived at the event earlier and the worship team and the carols practicing a last minutes rehearsal. I realized that the lighting on the stage is low especially on the carolers on the left and right side on the stages. I bump joyblee and his brother standing there snapping up photos. His brother is using a Sony A100 Dslr and him using a Sony DHC-H1 semi pro digital camera. I snap some test shot to find a best setting for the camera. So, i decided to jack up the ISO setting to full 1600.

First, I tried out the 70-300mm zoom lens and with a flash gun SB800. I snapped a test shot and find out that the space is too wide and the photographer space was actually too far from the stage to take nice photos. The photo was good but it actually used all the batteries flash up to maximum and the light distribution not even. Moreover, i didn't really find a good subject to snap and i used the opportunity to have a bit chat with Joyblee and his brother while waiting for the event to start.

Then, i saw Josie walking to the event with her two nieces that look like cousins among them. I tried to zap her with my electrical eye zap but it seems my eyes and my camera flash has a same faith of low level of batteries power. I then do my tarzan calls that can work without batteries and that when she saw us.

I find it really hard and tiring of changing lens each time for different photo snap. I need two bodies to work. Luckily, I'm not getting paid for this event and if so, i will be so stress to miss out lots of good shot. I decided to use the single 50mm f1.8 lens most of the time and changed to 70-300 and 18-70mm interval and it is so tiring when i had to walk back to seat where i put the lens where Josie and nieces kindly enough to guard it for me.

I took some photo on the arrival of the VIP and the sing and worship session. None photos looking good for me to give it a touch up and publishing value because most of the photos turn out to be invaluable blur. The best moment snap shot for me is the time when i change to 50mm f.1.8 lens and a candle light lit session. All of the people starting to lighting their candle and from there i saw a good opportunities to take the moment. So, i snapped lots of people lighting the candles.

After the candle lighted, people sang again. Again a moment was perfectly good for a snap shot of people singing and holding the candle and snap shot of children and babies.

Josie’s nieces i actually forgot their names. For anyone information, i'm not good remembering people's names if met first time.

A baby girl’s portraits I took instantly. I turned on my flash and snap at this girl. It was a perfect moment.

Puppets performance that got Josie excited. How i wish i can be like her.

Carolers are singing the Christmas song.

I don't realize i snapped a photo of someone on my friendster's contact list until after i review and touch up all the photos.

Christmas Candle Light

This Kadazan costumed carolers that brought Josie to this event. She told me that she actively involved with this group of singers. Most of the carolers don't even know how to speak english, but they learn so fast and sang so well.

And at last, some snap shot portraits.

There are some few photos i didn't put up. Please click here to see it in slide.


Jollence Lee said...

Josie and julian also there kah..

josie said...

Lance....Yes I was there..Julian came later for awhile...were you there? didn't see u.....or else,mau gambar kau bah (papparazi shot)..hehehhe

Jefferi said...

yes.. they are there too. so didn't saw you there?

LeeJB said...

Yay. My face looks hilarious. So serius oh....

Jefferi said...

lol.. i think it is future famous photographer in the making. ^_^

SR215 said...

so you made it. Nice pictures.


Jefferi said...

thanks! ^__^


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