Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tribute to Kota Kinabalu Rain

I got this idea from maslight on her previous post. I actually don't mind of raining everyday because even if it rains, i have no where to go most probably. Edgar seems to experience the bad side effect of constant rains in his post here to here. Flanegan lost his photo artistic touch because of the rain in here. The rains call charlenediane to take more vanity shots and it is beautiful, simply beautiful. Zainijimmy got off time from rubber tapping maybe an early retirement from God. Midnight rains and hot chocolate for rachel.

So, let sing the rain song all together! ^_^


maslight said...

*jumps around singing rain drops keep falling on my head~ and my line is super duper lagging. *thumbs on the vid. u know i was actually singing and looking at the moving clouds XD

Jefferi said...

thanks! i was so busy taking photo that i almost forgot that i have a video camera. So, i took the video camera out for a ride around the highway passing opposite the traffic jam. it's almost perfect!

Flanegan said...

nice one.. hahaha

Jefferi said...

thanks man! ^_^

maslight said...

O.O i wonder if a person has too many gadgets, one will forget about it, hence, opportunity to sneak em out mwahhaha *kidding XD

Jefferi said...

lol.. ya. now day, people has lots of gadget to play. eg. handphone, nitendo lite, psp, mini monster, camera, video camera, notebook an etc. i don't have that much la.. but for both video and photo, i need to brush up the skills and not included the many software you need to know along with it to keep in edge in competition. so pening... >.<

maslight said...

hey, but at least u manage bah...dat's the most exciting part of all these stuff. the outcome. XD

anyway, i'm visiting to look at the clouds again XD


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