Saturday, November 24, 2007

Photo: Warisan Square Christmas Decoration 2

I'm back to Warisan Square with my friend for a second round photo testing where we missed out during the last trip. I managed to bring out my flash gun but not being able to fully utilized it because most of the shot was done indoor.

The problem with every newbie or wannabe photographer is to know what and where to point your camera. It is quite hard for a person to take a photo out of nothing. One has to have a clear concept before attempting for a shot session. Once reached at the location, a photographer has to know the surrounding well. Find any object that relevant to your planned concept and ideas.

Ideas and concept must be flexible and adaptive with the surrounding. A good photo will able to tell a story to the viewer in a simple way. That why most of award winning photo went to photojournalist people. A random photo without a direction is meaningless although it look nice.

The rule of third is tested many times and proven to be the best way to take a photo or video. One can break those rules once a while, but it depends to the direction the photo can bring to the viewers.

A photo should be able to capture the moment and surrounding of the area. In this case i tried to capture the Christmas decoration in Warisan Square. Whoever did the Christmas decorations want to present a very colorful twinkling star such as in Harry Potter movie.

I took above photo with a flash turn on. I thought this photo was spoiled, but with a a nice shadow and highlight, color touch up and contrast readjustment, it look great. As i expected, many good photo was taken out from the bad one. So, next time don't be too hurry to delete some bad shot, maybe it can be your best one.

This silhouette Christmas decoration look simply nice with the poster model assumed looking and posing at me. Sometimes wall poster shot can be a part of any photo shot setting and still presenting a great meaning.

A light from the store decoration can be use as a primary light. In this photo, one can see the soft shadow on to the face and body of the elf statue and the red ball. The statue look blur because the focus point is at the read ball.

Photo of a building model displayed at the hall. An experiment shot with depth of field with my 50mm f1.8 lens. I took most of the photo with this lens because of the low light situation.

The elf was taken on the first floor. The light from display window shines gives a nice soft light on the statue. Nevertheless, one have to know that this is a post processing photo and my original shot was not as balance as this.

Window display light can be a very ideal primary light when photographing a person. It well distribute and lit, but one have to aware most of the light not white balanced.

A very simple star buck coffee shop’s Christmas decoration.

Last, the hardest photo to take. I ended up photo shop it. Anyway, to have a look over my full collection of Warisan Square photos in slide, please click here.


maslight said...

wuah so nice that i wanna cry looking at it.... *mata berkaca kaca

Jefferi said...

oh .. thanks for the compliment but dun cry la.. ^_^ nah.. gula-gula

maslight said...

i want XD yay got candy! i want candy~ *uhuk~ ogie, dat sounded like a song sudah XD

LeeHng said...

!!! this is a very good post. Im learning...

very interesting. :D do teach more!

Jefferi said...

thanks for you comment. i'm also a learning too and happy to share my experience.


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