Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Twisted Story of Virginia Tech Shooting Incident by Harian Metro

I get to know the Virginia Tech shooting incident via watching the CNN news at midnight. I shocked to know that more than 30 people were shot dead by the shooter that claims to be an Asian but unknown if he was the student or not. I won’t get in the detail of this event as you can get it via internet. Duh!

I saw a post ping via Project Petaling Streets by Hafiz Noor Sham who highlighted an article in the Harian Metro. The journalist who wrote the article is Abdullah Wahab was claimed to be misquote almost in every context of the event and what really happen. I don’t really know if he knows what he wrote and why the editor of this newspaper allowed such article to be published without cross check the event via internet or its source.

Abdullah Wahab wrote about Brendan Chan, a Malaysian student becomes a target of the shooter who claims to be in “amuk” condition as I quote;

“Kemudian saya lihat orang ramai segera lari menyelamatkan diri sambil menjerit. Saya cepat-cepat masuk ke dalam pejabat kolej dan mengunci pintu,” kata Brendan Chan, 25, pelajar Malaysia di Virginia Tech, Amerika Syarikat, yang menjadi sasaran amuk seorang lelaki menyebabkan 33 terbunuh.

This paragraph I believe was discredited by Brendan Chan as digimushu in ReCom.org a site for student who studying aboard in Virginia Tech Shooting thread as quote

I love how harian metro "pusing" my account...

In which he post a second post detailing what really actually happen via forum post. Imagine what it mean if a journalist being discredited for writing a false report about an incident in which most of us know what happen via internet and satellite news. Even thou Abdullah Wahab is the writer, but it should not be blamed over one person. That is why every news production we need an editor to filter up the news. I have an experience over an article that I posted for an opinion forum in MalaysiaKini website was actually reedited its wording. The changes were obvious but the content change slightly.

Many of newspaper production do some fact twisting to sell their news. It is not a strange thing in journalism line but Abdullah Wahab and maybe his editor has set a bottom line and tested the mentality of every Metro Harian reader to his stupidity. It might be fun to read the twisted version of this article but this proof that it is not the reader who actually need to do fact finding but the reporter and the editor themselves need to rethink the way of how to write a report. The best way is to back to your school and take ethics in journalism 101.

There are more about this twisted fact. You just need to click the link below to know more and then make your own judgment.

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cannot percaya bulat2 lah kan newspaper ni .. hehe....


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