Sunday, April 22, 2007

Find the real Anthony Chong killer

Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail said the prosecution will carry on with the two charges of criminal intimidation and voluntarily causing hurt that had been preferred against Conrad.

News Straits Time.

I believe that the Sabah ex-minister not the real killer as was reported in the news. This means that the police and the prosecutor know who the real killer is. I hope that when they’re not prosecuting Conrad Mojuntin, the real killer of Anthony Chong will be exposed. For those who don’t know about this case, it started years ago when a fight that started from drunken people who ended up killed in front of the municipal library. The case got heated up when the alleged killer is sabah ex-minister but many believe that he is not the real killer and the confession due to him want to protect the real killer that is suppose to be his young relatives.

Justices not really serves it purpose when dealing with high profile personalities. There are few sabahan minister well know of his wrong doing ended up protected by the government. One good example is the ex-chief minister of sabah Osu hj Sukam. He is to believe to spent the government money to fund his gambling debts in oversea. When the casinos want him to pay back the debt, the governments willingly protect him by ignoring a court case of him. This will leave a bad image to foreign government about how the state and federal government run the country by protecting the high profile criminal. This is a sad situation for sabahan.

I hope that in the Conrad Mojuntin case, justice will serves no matter who he or she is. If this doesn’t work, I think that we will be at the brink of a dysfunctional government and most of the people will suffers.

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