Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chong Kah Kiat: Resignation not a lost and it’s true.

I never see any significant on the former chief minister Chong Kah Kiat in Sabah political platform. He was once taken a chief minister post of Sabah, and it was actually a political chess game played during the breaking out of Parti Bersatu Sabah from Barisan National in which started the invasion of United Malay National Organization into Sabah politics. I found out in a reading in internet that I cannot verify and it stated to bar any politic party from Malaya to involve in Sabah’s politic to ensure the rights and autonomy as agreed in the establishment of the Federation Malaysia. This is not the first time that Sabahan peoples were cheated by its own illiteracy of the law and constitutions.

Chong Kah Kiat was actually an opposition political party along with Democratic Action Party in the pre UMNO invasion. The fall of PBS during the political crisis give the party a new and major life line to LDP. Sabah Progressive Party was founded by PBS exile after he quit the party because he was sidelined on the election. During the political storm, it left many political in PBS jumping like a frog hopping from one party to a new one such as UMNO and Parti Barisan Rakyat Sabah and others hankie panky party that grow from the pieces of PBS itself. PBS is fortunate able to survive the greatest crisis of his political history and become an opposition party and still able to influences the politics in Sabah. After many years of exile from the Barisan National, PBS returns back to its former coalition as some believe with the help of former Chief Minister Chong Kah Kiat itself, but the set back is that it has fewer seats in the Assembly Council. Nevertheless, the truth and verification of this information only available and exist in the mind of the Sabahan people. The former glories of this multiracial party no longer exist anymore in Sabah.

Chong Kah Kiat as I know myself never did any significant good thing to the Sabah development or political platform. He is a low profile politician in which only have the minority holding in Sabah politics. So, because the backing of the big player such as UMNO, he will never get to be sited on the top post. Many allegation of his wrong doing in his process of transforming Sabah and the financial plan he has during his time. Such as the privatization car park city system and the take over some land allegation added over his account and it has given Sabahan a very bad year indeed. Once a statement I remembered that printed out in Daily Express as he quote that a Chinese cannot be a chief minister of Sabah is a great insult to the the local Chinese community.

At the end, Chong Kah Kiat resigned the post of deputy chief minister of sabah and it is believed to cause by conflict with the present Chief Minister Musa Aman over some personal issues that raised. Prime Minister Malaysia Abdullah Badawi as quote said that the resignation of Chong Kah Kiat not a great loss to sabah is quite true. The representation from his party merely small, as I know only with the backing of UMNO and not really favorable by the local people itself especially from the Chinese community. The statement from the Prime Minister Malaysia itself mean that Liberal Democratic Party now are alone in his political fight and no more protection from its big brother anymore.

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