Saturday, August 08, 2009

thinking, talking and writing politics

This blog has been around in the internet for many years to be precise since 2005. I had been reading other people blog longer than that and most time spending most time reading the official and non official news press in which affiliated with many groups and parties. Since the demographic of the malaysia parliment changed towards the opposition parties in the political scene, the internet become a main battleground of ideology, accusation, rumors mine for the politician to make an impact to influence the big sum of society.

Every day, our life has been affected by political decision that was made by the ruling government and politician. The way thinks, the place we stay, the food we eat and the place we have fun. The past generation lives in a confined environment controlled by small group of people with interest to maintain their own way of life. The king posses power that unquestionable by his subject and exploited and repressed to make sure the way of living maintain as long as possible.

Today, we no longer are being the subject of one person. We change to an arbitrary power of authority that was elected and trusted to govern the country benefits. Many succeed and many failed as succeed failed and the failed succeed. History thought the new generation on the mistake and make sure we're not getting into the past again. To make sure, we need free flow of information and making sure that we will not again manipulated and exploited by people who intend to be king once again.

Internet, an electronic inter network that connect computers around the world to passing and retrieving information among each others. Information of knowledge that we learn in past, present and future saved multiple places around the world. Whoever invents this technology really makes a great impact to the future generation and at the same time give us the mechanism to avoid past way of living to be in future.

I wrote many post reflecting political news i read online and offline internationally and locally. The more I read, the more i see the importance of political awareness of oneself on his future and children. Some might think that political awareness is a burden to their normalcy life and choose not to know about the development of it and choose to live inside an apolitical and illusion bubble. With no idea on what happening around they believe it will not affect their normalcy and that is a wrong perception.

It will be easier for certain group of people to erode the freedom that we experience for a short time and push us back living in the old days before we're realize it. While some choose to speak out their mind, some choose not. People who choose to speak out their mind not always right and it same to those who not choose to speak out their mind too. The truth and false are running along inside the information network that we read and it up to our wisdom to decide which to believe or not.

Nevertheless, we have to know that once we make a wrong decision on what to believe, the risk is losing the freedom that we has. To avoid this happening, we need to have a political awareness that happens at our surrounding. We have lots of resource to make sure what right and wrong compare to our past generation that had no choice to choose their own way of living. This ignorance that occurs among the young people reflect the past life that allows certain groups of people to put their ideology of influences for their own benefits

Today, we have the choice. It up to us to live in free society or in a confined society, between being exploited and manipulated or choose to do whatever we want to do.

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