Tuesday, August 11, 2009

H1N1, Najib and IJN

H1N1 = Pandemic that kills lots of people in Malaysia and around the world

Najib = Prime Minister of Malaysia

IJN = Institute Jantung Negara (National Heart Institute)

This is the photo of Najib and his wife Rosmah visit the IJN and went into an operation theater with lots of official and reporters to get crash course on how heart operation was done. To make it fair, i believe this is not an open heart surgery but a endoscopic surgery to a patient to blow off the block in the vein due to the photo i saw in theStar news web report.

I am not a doctor but after watching almost 8 season of ER, I think operation theater is a sanitize place that the doctor can cut open people without risking them to any danger and hazard of foreign bacteria and viruses. The surgery doctor has to keep a strict regimen of cleanliness and long procedure of washing hand and protection of outfit from the face to the toe before entering the operation theater.

In the picture, i saw with horror a bunch of selfish people mob into a middle of heart operation or endoscopic surgery just to take a photo with their beloved PM. I believe the surgeon screaming "WHAT THE FUCK!!!" out in his/her hearts but due to that VIP is our healthy PM (other than Mahathir and Badawi who has a heart problem) that don't care and curios on learning how to stick a line into someone heart look like.

With no protection on what so ever, this photo shown that a surgeon with full protective gear and illegal mob with no protective gear at all and possibility with H1N1 viruses into middle of a heart operation. I wonder how possible the hospital staff and official would allow such thing happen during the operation procedure. I don't think anyone that mob in the operation theater want people to go into an operation theater when their heart expose to the H1N1 air by those stupid mob with full dust, bacterial and infectious viruses working coat and dresses standing there.

I am not expert, but when i saw this photo for the first time, it looks like lots of health regulation was compromised. If the person that walk in like that is not the PM or some big ass person, I am sure all the surgeon and official involved will be fired and suspended. I wonder what Mahathir thinks if he saw this photo.

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