Friday, June 20, 2008

Political Deja Vu

Dalam kenyataan yang dikeluarkan pada akhir mesyuarat hari ini, BN mengutuk Yong dengan menyifatkan beliau sebagai "tidak berprinsip, tidak beretika dan bertentangan dengan semangat BN."


Again, Yong Teck Lee has done it again. Compared to last time, his action was not praised but now he was criticized and mocked. I don't know with others, what I understand about "tidak berprinsip" unprincipled, "tidak beretika" unethical and "bertentang semangat" againts the spirits more likely to be seen among the BN. I still remembered the time when PBS won the state election fair and square with Yong Teck Lee the first person to hop over to BN, it was not the issue. He was praised and supported and with that, many PBS state assemblies follow his trademark "lompat katak" move over the BN side. This leaved PBS crippled until the day they joined BN again under the former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad blessing.

It is to believe that MP mass defection away from BN will happen. Again, we see again, Anwar Ibrahim the architecture of mass defection of Sabah's state assembly members has use the same old tactics to climb up to his former glory. Slowly, the political imbalance in Malaysia inevitable and I believe that this will be a hard period for many Malaysian. Now, BN is experiencing back his own wrong doing during the takeover of Sabah from PBS. Praise the Lord, God not blind after all.

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