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Chin Peng: Communist state and an alternative twist of fate.

Disclaimer: This post was written purely my personal idea and thought. It doesn't reflected to any intention to do or to influence the readers to act any illegal activities that against the law or the current government.

Malaysian judge reject the appeal of his most significant piece of history Chin Peng. Chin Peng was a former Malaya Communist Party leader that lead a failed campaign to turn Malaya into a communist state. There are still communist phobia among to the western world and include the society in Malaysia even after the downfall of the Soviet Union. The last remaining communist state now is China and Cuba. China slowly turning away from its hard line communist and slowly accepts capitalism to boost his economic status and to get acceptance among the international community. Cuba never admit that they're are communist, they just a socialist country.

What is Communist? Click here to read more about it. The problem with communism ideological world was that it is so easy to be misunderstanding. So many sub ideological thought of this concept that was used as propaganda to obtaining power by manipulate the uneducated and desperate society to fight for some general benefits that ended up taking more away from them. Most of the communist campaigns turn out to be successful at the beginning and slowly become isolated away to the liberal thought that allowed individual and liberal thought. The power of the community voluntary given to specific person that supposed to be fair and just and history has proven that it not necessary to be like this.

I remembered during a class I attended during my university year. It was a class of introduction of political science. I was so amazed with this lecture explained the meaning of communist to the class. The lecture session was strong and inspired and my understanding about communist all along was wrong. Indeed that communism not supposed to be because the founder Karl Marx doesn't have any plan to lead it to the path. Karl Marx supposed to spread the ideology of Marxism and not Communism for what I personally believe.

Even thou, some believe Karl Marx ideology is the most democratic system among the most ideology even compared it Democracy, it was not mean to the nature state of the human mind. We're created to be individual and special. We have our own thinking and desire. At the same time, we need to be competitive along among all individual and selfish people. We just need one individual that has a strong desire believe for him, and he will find a way to climb to the top and convince others to go along with what he believes.

One just need a great numbers of desperate and uneducated in a community, make them believe that you will fight for them by reeducate them with Karl Marx ideology with a bit blend of own theories and cross your finger and hope no one will be out smart enough to see through your plan. If that happens, reeducate him back or just play it easy by accused him as a traitor of the society and get him executed as a warning not to outsmart you next time.

It is easy to for a communist state to turn to military regiment and then dictatorship by one particular individual or a group of people. Our state of mind created so different that we exist to be individual and has own self desire. No matter how much a person so in believe in the social and general benefits, one will naturally think about what he/she want for him/her self. Our own DNA character has proven any kind of socialist ideology without self imposed desire not going to work for long term. Slowly, our own individual and desire will guide us back to selfishness and general socialist benefits not really apply anymore. This is the reason why most communist state turn becomes a military regiment or dictatorship for a long time. I do see some democratic state become a military regiment and dictatorship but not before turning to communist or sort of self imposed socialist state.

Chin Peng really a true living piece of Malaysia's history. I read and learn all about it in our history book stated that he is the bad guy with a gun that wants to turn the state of Malaya into communist. Communist is not really getting any good publicity for so long because of the basic ideology that not natural to the human state of mind. Even that so, I don't think the Malaysia government should be afraid of Chin Peng after so long exile. If he still has the talent of changing a state, he will do so for Thailand. Thailand for now will ruled by the communist military or worst a dictator that got his power from his father the military leader from the past. Look at the North Korea state.

To another twist of fate, if Chin Peng successfully ran his communist campaign on Malaya, we will not see any formation of Malaysia Federation. Singapore easily will be in the communist state and be the capital of Malaya Communist State. Kuala Lumpur will still be a muddy place where people mine for lead and paddy field for rice. The three races Malay, Chinese and Indian will integrated as Malay's Socialist People and religion, culture and liberalization still banned for now until the death of Chin Peng. I can see Chin Peng still alive and maybe for another 10 years of so.

Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei will be uniting as Borneo Federal State. Kalimantan will join too if Indonesia turn out to be communist state. It is not likely that the island of Borneo turning to be a communist state because it so near to Philippine where the American stood their military base. Sultan Brunei will be a sole Parliamentary Monarchy same as the British Monarchy today. All the Malaya Sultan will cease to exist and force to live in exile most probably to Borneo Federation State. Islam will be the main religion to the Borneo State along with other religion such as the Christian and Buddhist and the Moro people will not rebel. The social development will be high and become one of the greatest economic power because of the western influences and military investment such as what been seen with Japan and South Korea.

I find it so interesting to write up this imaginary alternate time line one person such as Chin Peng could do. He is really a significant piece of Malaysia history that still standing and alive. What if in a twist of fate he is success in his struggle, what will happen to us today? What is the alternate time line that will happen today around the world? I remembered the domino effect of the cold war that was told by my lecture. South East Asia will be easily turned to be a communist state if the people do support the ideology of communism.

Luckily for the western world that the people on South East Asia strong in what they believe. Even when they are poor and hard, religion such as Islam, Christianity and Buddhist is a main thing in their life. This is not relevant even with Karl Marx himself. The successful of communist in Russia and China was caused by some group of individual selfish people. This state of mind by some minority has made the majority of uneducated to suffer and communist is the only way to get their life back to decent. At the same time, they have to pay the decent life with their individualist and selfishness being taken away.

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