Saturday, August 04, 2007

Web Based Drama Series: LonelyGirl15

LonelyGirl15 is a web drama base series that become famous in America. Please go to LonelyGirl15 wikipedia page to read more about the series. Lonelygirl15 is played by a beautiful actress called Jessica Rose.

I remembered watching a clip from lonelygirl15 on YouTube a year ago. I never guess this YouTube clip is a fictional series and become a hit among the web and pop culture until i read it in CNN.

Internet has become a main instrument in media. More people have access to this virtual world that mainly an electronic pulse. Never the less, the potential on its networking gave birth to many a chance to be famous without having to dig hard into television network. Vlog existed for many years and revolve to be a social pop culture among us who started out from blogging. The nearest example i can point out is Wendy Cheng who create XiaXue blog. A blogger with multiple award in her belt was offered to be in a reality show known as girls out loud. The appearances really boost her image on television network. You can see the whole series on YouTube. She do a almost like second version of the series called Road Trip.

I don't know if Malaysia has its own version of YouTube success. I saw many clip but most of them not good. There is one called kinkyjasmines. She created a nice and not bad for a beginner vlog on her blog. She has a very interesting personality that can bring her to World Wide Web success.

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