Saturday, August 18, 2007

Photo Review: Own Yuen, a self-portrait Princess

My chat friend Gracie told me she know someone who photograph a kick ass photo at Perth where she studying right now. She is Clarice (Kla-ris) know on web as OwnYuen and she come from Hong Kong who take photo like a professional seasonal artistic photographer and still studying in Perth.

I don't really know how to approach and review her photo because of her artistic approach that so different than others as i quote a in her flickr testimonial by one viewers,
"Clarice's pictures are so full of mysteries, poetry and sensibility than they are beyond photography: artworks that let us sense something of an uncommon girl."

Her photo shop skill is quite unique and interesting. She manages to improvise multiple photos and blend it into an abstract art work. It just not apply some preset effect and color touch up, but she able to project some ideas and feelings on the choreography posing by her on the photo.

I always intrigue by her Alice in Wonderland style of photo that i don't have any idea how she manages to do it by herself.

Clarice's photos always give me an impression of what digital camera even the point and shot camera can do. We're too narrow minded and stuck with the old conventional film technique without realized the great potential of digital black room to our creativity not just taking a direct photo but able to create an art work masterpiece.

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