Thursday, March 17, 2011

Legalized the Illegal Immigrant in Sabah

Like it or not, the so called PTI or Project ICs are staying put in sabah. It is not like we can just send them off back to their conflict nation home where it is a Wild West country. Damaged has been done by the BN with the help of some local politician and sabahan.

To be fair to them, most of them come to sabah to earn some good living. It is us who tend to exploits them for their misfortune with cheap labor. Some of them does has a good education background and a degree holders and some of them has no connection with their home country and all they knew is sabah as their hometown.

The illegal immigrant or PTI are included the second and we're entering the third generation of their family trees. I believe that the future new government should address them well and not just put them into a difficult situation with them already in one.

To give them a permanent resident or citizenship that can vote like you and me not really a worst case scenario. We already see those first generation illegals that come to sabah, making money out from the project ICs, a legal members of UMNO and now claiming as a sultan of sulu taken no action from the current government.

Penetration of the so called illegal generation PTI in government has already happened as rumors is believed that the current CM or the former TYT are not legally legit and already taken the top position in sabah government. To give or legalized the rest of the illegals are nothing worst but at the same time give more good than worst.

For example, imagine those people can be taxed for the revenue that they earned. Those chicken wing, pari and ikan bakar and construction workers are non-tax income. With the plan to legalize and registering them, we can collect tax and earn some money to build more infrastructure like the hospital and schools to the state that the present government don't simply doing their job.

Instead of threat them as farm animal, we can try to educate them and bring well out from this bad thing. We can teach them a better way of living and hope that they will spread it out to their home family. Not every conflict has to solve by war and arms but through a good proper negotiation and economic benefits, it is a win win situation for all.


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