Monday, January 11, 2010

Kota Kinabalu Facebook Consumer Group

Fed up with price hike from the government, local business and company? Dishonest business or company that cheat the customer money? Overprice item in certain shops and stalls? Bad services or bad hygienic cleanness on some restaurants or coffee shop?

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The idea of this group is to get lots of facebook friends that live in kota kinabalu area to pressure the businesses that has a dishonest business ethic without regarding the well being of the consumers. For example, a coffee shop raise up their drinks over the recommendation price due to unknown reason but the quality of the drinks is still the same or worst. Kota Kinabalu Facebook Group member can post up a complaint in the wall and discussion board information of the shop that is to believe to over profits from the consumer without a good reason. This group will be acting as a public forum of its members to decide to boycott this specific by not going to that place to drinks or eat.

This will not be significant if only Kota Kinabalu Facebook Group failed to gain more people to act together as group. If this group can get more members to participate the cause, the shop or company will see the significant of this action and they will think twice before making any decision that can hurt their business overall.

This group is still at its infancy to make different. It hope to be that this facebook group can grow bigger in numbers and make difference on the way of the local shop and company in kota kinabalu doing business. The way to do is to be able to get more active facebook members that live, work and stay in kota kinabalu area. There are still more research, works and trial and error to be done before this idea works.

Kota Kinabalu Facebook Consumer Group is not own by anyone, nor me the creator of this group. The members are those who decide on action that with great consideration and will not influences by any political agenda by any means. The pure purpose of this group is only to pressure the business and shops that doing their business in dishonest way.

At the moment, this group is still on planning on how is this can be possible in near future. We cannot wait for the government or the opposition to help us and we need to take action by our self without waiting for the right people to come out and lead us. Please let anyone that you think can help about this group so we're on the right track on achieving the main purpose and idea of this group.



Karen said...

good idea...!

Jefferi said...

please join and take action now :) without people support, good idea worth nothing.

anastacia said...

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