Friday, May 15, 2009

Three girls risk their safety for dogs in Pulau Ketam

I look as fascinating to see three girl jumps in the water just to get a dog in a very difficult place. I respect their kind heart without condition but it just a bit disturbing because they don't have any plan or some safety plan to get the dog out.

Pamela, the girl who wears a bandanna doesn’t really know that the mangroves are very steep and it look like the dog don't even dare to jump into the water. I wonder if she makes a wise decision to climb to the platform. Does she have any safety training or experience to get the dog out from there? I believe a trained fireman or rescue squad will not attempt those tasks without having a safety gear and plan.

Marjorie and Karin walk at that slippery soil bare foot that might turn out to be a soft spot with mangrove branches and roots hidden deep in the soil or water. One mistake slip might turn out to be a rescue attempt for them. I admire their passion to get the dog but i can see that they don't seem to be fit to attempt this quite difficult rescue. I wonder if this rescue plans worth their life and safety. I think they should bring an expert along or at least brief of dos and don’ts.

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