Friday, December 19, 2008

Jerk 2

B: *status "Online"
A: hi.. :D
B: *status "Busy"
A: ... :(

*5 minutes later
B: *status "Off line"

Why people bother to online if they're busy?


maslight said...


coz they wanna chat with everyone else hahahahahha

Jefferi said...

indeed. but not me. :(


josie said...

Wishing You and your loved ones a merry xmas and happy new year...

Jefferi said...

thank you.. :D

lynnx01 said...

Omg my sis always does that to my msn!! She always never bother to sign out for me when she takes over. Then when people msg, she would go change status to busy and then when I find out, after scolding.. she sign out my account. What the?!? I didn't realise this kinda scenario can cause people to call someone jerks. Now I must remember to sign out whenever someone else use my computer.

Jefferi said...

yup.. sometimes people have those bad habits not to log out their msn. unfortunately it can cause some misunderstanding to some friends.

some may be a misunderstanding, but some trying to avoid. the hard part is doesn't know what the reason and cause for their action and never attempt and try to explain.

maybe, i'm just not good enough for them even as a friend.


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