Thursday, April 21, 2005

Star Trek Enterprise

I spend three day to watch all the season 1 episode of Star Trek Enterprise series downloaded from the internet using bit torrent. Previously I’ve been watching all the 7 season of Star Trek The Next Generation for about a two month and its a lots of episode to catch up. Why am i so crazy to watch all the tv show? Simple! Because I like to watch it although Strange but true.. Actually it not strange at all I’m only bluffing.

Star Trek The Next Generation is about a Starfleet captain named Picard acted by Patrick Stewart and a galaxy class starship named Enterprise traveling around galaxy. Star Trek Enterprise is about a Starfleet captain name Jonathan Archer played by scott bakula and the different spaceship named also Enterprise and they also traveling around the galaxy. There is a connection between this two series where Enterprise mainly about the beginning of starfleet exploration to space and The Next Generation is about the Starfleet dominating the space and be a main super power in maintaining peace around galaxy especially from the Romulans and their allies Klingon.

Having to watch the entire episode in a short time does make me a bit headache. At least now, the rate of me downloading some tv shows is slow, i will use the time to rest and study to get ready for exam next two weeks..

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