Monday, October 29, 2007

Bloggers Meet with Peter Tan and Wuan at Kota Kinabalu

Please click here if the slide not appear and here for s bigger slide show.

It so nice to be able to meet Peter Tan and his newly wedded wife Wuan in person after reading his blog on and off for few years at Shamrock Irish Bar Waterfront. I knew Peter Tan's blog very long time ago from Project Petaling Streets Blog Portal. He well known with his fight for the disable people as himself is one too. For more information about him, please do go to his blog.

Thanks to Dee to spent some time to thought and organize this meet even thou this was an ordinary meet for bloggers. For me, I would like to listen some of Peter Tan's own story and experience of how he do these entire thing when he himself have all this difficulties. I have some time with Peter Tan and share with him my thought about some disable project I planned during my campus life that not worked out.

There are so many places that Peter and Wuan can go for their honeymoon trip, thou I think it’s hard for them to go during this first trip because of some mobility difficulties they experience. I hope the second trip in future won't be so difficult for them. I guess this is the first eye opener that Kota Kinabalu not a disable friendly. We have a world class holiday destination but sadly that not everyone can enjoy and experience the beauty of it.

Last, it's nice to meet back in person again with jacQ and bro, Julian Sabah, WeiChuen and Josie (lain kali kita try minum kopi o ping lagi). So nice to be able to meet with Edgar, Joy, KinkyJasmine, Racheal and two extra more that i forgot their name. Sorry about that.

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Dee said...


Thank you for coming. It was good to finally meet you after all the emails the week before. Hope to see you in the next gathering ya. Teach me abit more about photography. =)

Jollence Lee said...

Good to meet you Jeff. Thanks for the drop by to my blog. We'll keep in touch.

Unknown said...

dee: sure.. no problem.

jollence: ya.. keep in touch.. too

Edgar said...

man, the arsenal you guys brought. woo boy!

nice to meet you jeff.

Unknown said...

wahahaha fun isnt it? anyway... see u on the "next" bloggers meet. hehehe

Unknown said...

edgar: nice to meet you too. ^_^

julian: yes!


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